Over the past 23 years, Bestway International has provided superior custom RF and electronic components and personalized service to leading manufacturers, earning top supplier awards from customers such as Emerson Electric. We offer one single point of contact for design, procurement, manufacturing and fulfillment.  All of our manufacturing partners meet the highest ISO quality standards.

We specialize in custom VHF and UHF SAW and helical bandpass filters and resonators fine-tuned to unique frequency, bandwidth, selectivity, and package-size requirements.  We also supply other custom and standard electronic components.

Bestway International's RF components minimize interference and maximize desired response in mission-critical applications, such as wireless security and home networking, remote keyless entry, RF front-end, transceivers, LAN, modem and Bluetooth devices.

Richard Chang, founder and President of Bestway International, is a veteran of the electronics and telecommunication industry in the U.S. and Taiwan.  Mr. Chang pioneered innovations in cellular telephony with Communication Manufacturing Company and served as a senior engineer with GTE and Taiwan Telecommunications Administration. He has a Masters in Electrical Engineering from South Dakota School of Mines, and has been a registered professional engineer in California for over thirty years.